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Mystic Moon Cream

Moon Glow Spa Salt Rub

Herbal Body Powder

Dream Balm

Dream Pillows

Mystic Mysts Aromatherapy Spray


Herbal Facial Kits- 3 in one!


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Lip Balms

Bath Salts

Massage Oils

Gardener's Salve

Catnip Treats


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All of the herbal products made by Jill Lowell Originals are made fresh by hand in small batches with careful attention given to each package and product. Products are made with all natural ingredients and without petroleum products for better skin health. Use them with in good health, with a light spirit and an open heart.

Many Blessings to you!

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Herbs and Folklore

Herbs have been attributed with many magickal properties, as well they should be! Since time began, herbs have been used to protect, heal, flavor and decorate. Kings and queens dined on them, farmers relied on them, their mystery still fascinates us...

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Mystic Moon Cream
Herbal Body Powder
Dream Balm
Mystic Moon Glow-Spa Salt Rub
Mystic Mysts Spray
Dream Pillows
Herbal Facial kits
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