Mystic Mysts Spray

A refreshing aromatherapy spray for linens, rooms, car and home. Pure essential oils in a light alcohol base (safe for skin too!). Perfect for musty rooms, cars, bedding etc. The light lavender/lemongrass scent is relaxing and calming. Lavender oil is also reputed to have antimicrobial properties making it good for sickrooms as well. Bottled in beautiful cobalt blue glass bottles with myster tops.

6 fl. oz. Mystic Mysts Spray-

Lavender- $6.00

*note: new packaging in 6 oz. plastic blue bottles, similar but not exactly as shown.

Chunky, opulent mixtures of botanicals and spices.
None of the cheap colored cedar-shaving filling found in so many potpourris today!
These potpourris look (and smell) great piled into a bowl or in a tin. Fill a shallow wooden box with Primitive Spice Potpourri and add several chunky pillar candles for a nice rustic farmhouse look! Or fill a rustic tin tray and add red or green holiday pillars for a great winter look. Each cello bag contains about 1 cup of potpourri.

Primitive Spice Potpourri

Long lasting spicy-orangy-pumpkiny scent. Dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks, rose hips, spices and pretty pods.

Approx. 1 cup Cello bagged

Primitive Spice Potpourri- $4.00 ea.

Inquire about other potpourris and spicy ROSE HIPS!

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