Honey Lip Butter

Softer than lip balm, this all plant based lip gloss (No petroleum here!) is moisturizing and protecting. Sweetened with real honey, a natural humectant (moisture holding) and wonderful healer, this luscious lip butter is a winter favorite. Flavored with essential oils of lemon and orange.

Honey Lip Butter- 1/6 oz. pot- $3.00 ea.

Lip Balm

A firmer balm but still spreadable and soothing. Less shine and more staying power than the Lip Butter (above). Flavored with honey and citrus. A sure-fire favorite.

Lip Balm- 1/6 oz pot- $3.00 ea.

A strange bit of folklore says that roses planted in the garden attract fairies, and are said to grow best when stolen!
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